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Your mental health matters 

What is good mental health?

Being mentally well is the cornerstone to living a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life. It means being able to navigate effectively through challenging circumstances and not become depleted; it means being able to make sound choices which serve us well; it means having the self-confidence and self-belief to trust our judgment; it means having good boundaries and communicating our needs effectively; it means not having a mind so full of distressing thoughts which make us feel bad; it means taking control of our lives and living in accordance with our values and being able to be your best self.

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There are so many things that make achieving the above seem impossible at times. Life happens- disappointments, stress, relationship breakdowns, bereavement, rejection- can all cause us to feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and hopeless. But there IS hope. Right here.

Together we can find a way through this

With over 5 years of professional experience as a psychotherapeutic counsellor, and 53 years of personal life experience, I have come up with a highly effective approach which combines exploring my client’s past experiences, managing their responses, rewiring thought patterns, and using mindful awareness to cope effectively with whatever life throws at them. I have a whole Toolbox of strategies I can share through my counselling services. I have already helped hundreds of clients achieve happiness- can I now help you?

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Laura is a very conscientious and understanding counsellor. During our sessions I felt very heard and Laura’s demeanour motivated me to speak and explore. Every session was finished with a goal for the upcoming week and these were always manageable and personalised. I still reflect on Laura’s advice and very much feel that I achieved what I hoped to achieve in our sessions. I would definitely recommend Laura to someone who was seeking talking therapy.

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It’s OK to not be OK

Acknowledging that things are difficult and you are struggling is a really positive first step to getting help. Until we accept that there is a problem we can’t address it. Taking that first step and reaching out can be a massive relief. There’s nothing to be lost, and potentially everything to be gained by doing so.


The process of talking about what is going on for you, being listened to and understood- and not judged- is validating, and in itself, therapeutic. Too often we feel bad for feeling bad, which keeps us in this self-perpetuating cycle of blame, shame and hopelessness. Opening up the door to communicating your experience and understanding yourself better leads to the path of healing and away from debilitating shame.


Action and empowerment

Together we will come up with a plan, including a whole range of strategies which will help you navigate the most effective way forward in your situation. Developing awareness, noticing your responses, making some adjustments, effective communication and prioritising your well-being will empower you to do what is the best thing for you, and help you thrive, not just survive.

Confidential and non-judgmental

Everything you talk about is strictly confidential. The world can be very judgmental, which can be so damaging and cause us to feel shame. I believe that understanding and compassion are much more conducive to a healthier sense of self, and these will underpin our conversations.


I am here to work with you in the way you choose – regarding:
1. the location (face to face, online, via video, or on the telephone -or a mixture of all 3 if you prefer)
2.The frequency (fortnightly/weekly/monthly/irregular). Generally at least 6 sessions are advisable but we can do what works for you.
3. What you need to talk about- I believe openness and honesty are required to move forward

Therapeutic Methods

I am an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor, and use a variety of approaches according to what would be most helpful for you, including psychodynamic, person centred, mindfulness, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and more.

Tools and Explanations

I have many tools I share with my clients which form a ‘Mental Health Toolbox’, which you can take away with you after the sessions. I also explain some of the basic neuro-science behind a lot of the feelings and mental states we experience so you have the knowledge and the tools to manage more effectively going forward.

Who I work with

I work with anyone over the age of 18. Whatever the issue, we can discuss it. If you are worried about something, please get in touch


In addition to having a degree in Sociology, and a Professional diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling, and over 5,000 hours of counselling experience, I believe that personal, life experience provides me with a deeper understanding of what my clients are going through, and well-equipped to support you.

Laura is an excellent counsellor. I found her empathetic and insightful. She gave me a variety of tools to help me manage going forward meaning I could choose what worked for me. Would thoroughly recommend her.

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Laura is an excellent counsellor. I found her empathetic and insightful. She gave me a variety of tools to help me manage going forward meaning I could choose what worked for me. Would thoroughly recommend her.

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