Inspired Counselling’s Services

Some of Inspired Counselling’s services include- but are not limited to- the following:

Counselling services for anxiety


Counselling services for depression


When we are suffering with depression, it is all-consuming. It robs us of joy and hope. It makes life feel like a hard, weary, miserable chore. We see everything through a lens of negativity, and don’t believe we will ever feel any differently. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot going on around us which can get us down. Part of my approach is to start with acknowledging all your personal experiences which have worn you down and to validate your feelings. I will help you find acceptance, understanding and draw upon your innate strength so that you can move forwards in a new direction and achieve the growth you will be proud of.

Counselling services for Bereavement support


Losing someone close is devastating. And it takes time. I provide a safe, supportive environment to remember, process and grieve your loved one(s). I will support you through the wide range of intense emotions we go through when we are coming to terms with losing someone- anger, guilt, loneliness, depression, despair- and help you find effective coping strategies which will help you heal, and with time move forward with more hope that reminds us how precious life is, and how we can stay true to our loved ones memory and find joy again in our lives. 

Counselling services for Relationship Issues

Relationship issues

When our relationships- with our partner, friends, colleagues, neighbours- are going well, they are a source of great joy, providing meaningful support, companionship, laughter and self affirmation. When they turn sour, or abusive, cold, avoidant, uncommunicative, or just change in some way which is troubling to us- they can fill us with insecurity, anxiety, self reproach, confusion, guilt. I help my clients explore the nature of this relationship- what need does it serve, where do you want to go from here? Together we can find a positive way forward.

Together we can find a positive way forward.

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I cannot recommend Laura enough. I came to Laura in a very dark place. Due to the trauma I was experiencing at home, and significant work pressure/stress, I was suffering with prolonged panic attacks. Laura listens, supports and provides positive help and useful tools to manage those overwhelming moments. By the end of the sessions I felt a different person, and I am getting back to my old self. I am still using many of the techniques Laura has shown me and they help me daily. If you are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks or other symptoms I would recommend Laura

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