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As a therapist, I believe that training is only part of what a good therapist is about. Experience- both personal and professional- play an equally important role.

My 5 years as a qualified full time therapist has shown me that my own life experience brings a lot to the therapy room. Having been through a lot of difficult life experiences personally, enables me to really understand what my clients are going through. Not to say that people’s experiences are not unique to them, they are, but having experienced the wide range of situations and circumstances that I have, ensures that my clients FEEL understood and validated in what they are going through, now. And I believe I know what works for my clients, as the tools and strategies I share from my ‘Toolbox’ have not only been tried and tested on myself, but the hundreds of clients I have already helped.

I understand the hopelessness, paralysing anxiety, shame, loss, overwhelm, difficult and limiting real circumstances that impact us all. Using this experience, knowledge and skills, I can help you navigate a way through to a more hopeful, empowered and optimistic future, which puts you back in the driving seat of your life and well-being.

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Laura is a very conscientious and understanding counsellor. During our sessions I felt very heard and Laura’s demeanour motivated me to speak and explore. Every session was finished with a goal for the upcoming week and these were always manageable and personalised. I still reflect on Laura’s advice and very much feel that I achieved what I hoped to achieve in our sessions. I would definitely recommend Laura to someone who was seeking talking therapy.

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